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Conveyancer VS Solicitor

Many Prospective clients who have come down to Conveyancing firm for their Conveyancing needs, most of them have asked us the very first question that is: what is a difference between a Conveyancer and a solicitor?

In the understanding of Conveyancer v/s Solicitor, we offer them the explanation that Soliciting is like an ocean and the core work to be done in the property industry is the complete conveyancing which is also called property transaction since it is the title of ownership that is transferred from one person that is the seller to the buyer. During the Conveyancing course one can always seeks counsel from the Conveyancer for all specific needs.

In explanation, objectively we put this that in the debate over Conveyancer v/s Solicitor, Soliciting is the larger whole in the legal plane while Conveyancing is the smaller circle or the part of it. Being in the legal field it is important to keep update with the transaction all the time even during the Conveyancer Course. Ours is a firm known for her ability to go the extra mile with our esteemed clients and in doing so we have started building a reputation for integrity and service. Most of us at the team have a strong networking and online case tracking facility to keep up-to-date with your transaction all times. One of the main roles of a conveyancing solicitor is to ensure all legal counsel and proceedings or negotiations are done as fast as possible. Sometime you may want to speak to the Soliciting Conveyancer even after the business hours or on Sunday or Saturday one can exchange the contract and one would avoid the possibility of the delay that which may result in the purchasing of the property.